OCTOBER, 12 - 14


Forum Hall

Claus Busk Andersen, Jannik Bausager

Dynamics 365 for Financials, From Product to SaaS

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Continia Software

PowerPoint (2.84 MB)

Eric Wauters, Vjekoslav Babic

Bad Habits of NAV Developers

PowerPoint (61.22 MB)

Eric Wauters

Dynamics NAV 2017, Extensions, Best Practices

PowerPoint (23.45 MB)

Esben Nyhuus Kristoffersen, Stuart Glasson

Our Future Modern Developer Tools for Dynamics 365 and on premise NAV

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Reports ForNAV

PowerPoint (2.06 MB)

Joop van Voorthuijsen

How to create a successful future for Dynamics Partners

PowerPoint (14.93 MB)

Kristi Hofer, Jesper Lachance Ræbild

Our Future Dynamics 365 for Financials

PowerPoint (53.8 MB)

Kristi Hofer

Dynamics 365 Demystifying CSP

PowerPoint (5.24 MB)

Mike Borg Cardona

Dynamics NAV2017 User Experience Improvements

PowerPoint (5.01 MB)

Philipp Rüdiger, Thomas Kombrecht

Regional Session Germany

PowerPoint (15.73 MB)

Adam Trukawka, Morten Jensen

Extensions and Events

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ClickLearn presentation

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Chamber Hall

Arend-Jan Kauffmann

NAV020 Extending Microsoft Dynamics NAV based on .Net Interoperability

PowerPoint (1.43 MB)

Dr. Josef G. Boeck

Employee Productivity of NAV Partners

PowerPoint (343.86 kB)

Eric Wauters

My First extension

PowerPoint (1.72 MB)

Gary Winter

Using Design Patterns in Practice

PowerPoint (6.63 MB)

Hans Zagler, Marko Perisic

Partner Roundtable Central Eastern Europe

PowerPoint (4.72 MB)


Unlock New Business Growth with AP Automation in Dynamics NAV and D365

PowerPoint (5.56 MB)


Make Power BI part of your solution and sales offering

PowerPoint (2.14 MB)


Scheduling Performance and Interactive Planning

PowerPoint (10.89 MB)

Saskia Bardun

Marketing_How Small Changes make a big impact

PDF (5.15 MB)


Integrating Your ERP System in the Cloud Era

PowerPoint (3.35 MB)

Steven Renders

New CAL Functions

PowerPoint (4.31 MB)

Vjekoslav Babic

Implementing Test-Driven Development

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ClickLearn presentation

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Meeting Hall I

ABC, SaaSplaza

Stories from the Partner Front Line How the Netherland’s fastest growing NAV Partner got there with Cloud!

PowerPoint (2.21 MB)

Brian Nielsen, Stuart Glasson

Dynamics NAV 2017, Faster Setup and Configuration, Outstanding First-time Experience

PowerPoint (5.18 MB)

Brian Nielsen, Stuart Glasson

Dynamics NAV 2017, Faster Setup and Configuration, Outstanding First-time Experience

PowerPoint (5.18 MB)

Dime.Scheduler 2017 - presentation

PowerPoint (3.54 MB)

Dirk Grigutsch, Stefan Martin

CKL PLUS Product Suite

PowerPoint (3.09 MB)

Dynamics Teamet Danmark

Regional session Denmark Iceland

PowerPoint (3.98 MB)

Freddy Kristiansen, Jesper Lachance Ræbild

Dynamics NAV Demo Environments

PowerPoint (31.06 MB)

Christian Koch, Mick Wilp

Industry and Horizontal Solutions to empower your Customers Business

PowerPoint (2.59 MB)

Ivan Koletic

Dynamics NAV 2016, Improved CRM Online and CRM in NAV

PowerPoint (3.97 MB)

Jesper Lachance Ræbild

Dynamics 365 Sales Scenarios and Demos

PowerPoint (33.08 MB)

Marko Perisic

Agile Software Development

PowerPoint (12.8 MB)

MDCC, Dynamics SMB Control

Our Experience of Running Madeira

PowerPoint (29.91 MB)

Sharka Chobot

Driving Digital Engagement

PDF (6.07 MB)

Vincent Nicolas, Peter Christensen, Jannik Bausager

Agile Software Development

PowerPoint (3.76 MB)

Xenatus presentation

PowerPoint (27.78 MB)

Meeting Hall IV


Elevate Performance with Master Data Management

PDF (4.96 MB)


Work Smarter, Not Harder!

PowerPoint (67.41 MB)

Brian Meier

Our Future Dynamics 365 for Financials, Extensions to Migrate from Competitive Products

PowerPoint (3.64 MB)

Brian Meier

Dynamics NAV 2017, Charting

PowerPoint (4.65 MB)

Ciprian Lordache, Gary Winter

Event-based Software Architecture

PowerPoint (5.35 MB)

Deco Pinheiro

Dynamics Learning Portal

PowerPoint (6.93 MB)

John Speulman, Johan Verweij

Microsoft Dynamics SMB voor MKB-Nederland

PowerPoint (77.13 MB)

Klaus Marius Hansen, Andrei Panko

Cortana Intelligence

PowerPoint (5.41 MB)

Liz Piteo

Security. Audit. Compliance

PowerPoint (1.04 MB)

Lotte Cordt Ihlemann, Philip Rubino

Inbound marketing – Nurture leads to Close

PowerPoint (8.27 MB)

Mike Borg Cardona, Andrei Panko, Morten Jensen


PowerPoint (6.79 MB)

Peter Borring

MS306, MS910 Dynamics NAV 2017, General Application Improvements

PowerPoint (5.56 MB)

Rene Gayer

Exploring Dynamics NAV 2017 CRM vs CRM Online

PowerPoint (6.26 MB)


It’s all about e-commerce

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Meeting Hall V

Arend-Jan Kauffmann

Using Web Services and JavaScript Add-ins in Extensions

PowerPoint (470.38 kB)

Brian Meier

Dynamics NAV 2017, Embedded Power BI

PowerPoint (5.08 MB)

Brian Meier

Our Future: Dynamics 365 for Financials, Flow and PowerApps

PowerPoint (5.48 MB)

Christian Bauer, Michael Zettl

dox42 BSH / Don't panic! Get out of your report depression!

PDF (6.86 MB)

Deco Pinheiro

Dynamics Learning Portal

PowerPoint (6.93 MB)

Jon Oesch

Building Profitability with Jet Reports

PowerPoint (11.94 MB)

Kennie Nybo Pontoppidan

Dynamics NAV on SQL Server 2016, New Database Features

PowerPoint (6.99 MB)

Laura Farbo, Christian Sega

Has Marketing Killed The Salesman Star

PDF (11.59 MB)

Leo Manson

Our Future Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales - Business Value for Partners serving SMBs

PowerPoint (15.06 MB)

SQL Perform

Powering your performance

PowerPoint (3.88 MB)

Uli Kleinknecht

Learn how Microsoft Support can help grow your business

PowerPoint (35.63 MB)

Zetadocs Expenses

Expense management born in the cloud, designed for NAV

PowerPoint (119.46 MB)


Adam Trukawka, Michael Hammond

Extensions and Events-Overview

PowerPoint (4.79 MB)

Brian Meier

Dynamics NAV 2017, Embedded Power BI

PowerPoint (5.08 MB)

Klaus Marius Hansen, Andrei Panko

Cortana Intelligence

PowerPoint (5.41 MB)

Peik Bech-Andersen

Manufacturing for Dummies

PowerPoint (5.66 MB)

South Hall 1


Upgrade to NAV 2017 and Microsoft Azure

PowerPoint (17.34 MB)

Aleksandar Totovic

Choosing the best possible Azure platform for NAV

PowerPoint (6.08 MB)

Directions EMEA France

PowerPoint (4.62 MB)

Giedrius Kakanauskas

Upgrading multitenant installations

PowerPoint (372.5 kB)

Guus Krabbenborg

What NAV partners need to change to become successful with D365

PDF (6.03 MB)

Guus Krabbenborg

Will your company survive ERP disruption

PDF (4.6 MB)

Idyn presentation

PowerPoint (1.69 MB)

Jorg Stryk


PowerPoint (1.95 MB)

Martin Karlowitsch, Jake Hostetler

The 4 Secrets of Visual Scheduling

PDF (1.74 MB)


IFRS Registered Solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

PowerPoint (719 kB)

Peik Bech-Andersen

Integrations to Microsoft Dynamics NAV possibilities and advantages

PowerPoint (6.46 MB)


The forgotten factor the human being OR Why NAV-projects sometimes not work

PowerPoint (1.47 MB)

Steen Helmer

How to Implement and Execute a Successful LinkedIn Strategy

PDF (3.63 MB)

TBK Consult

How To Make It or Brake It_Designing Scalable Revenue Generation Models

PDF (4.81 MB)

South Hall 2

Andrei Panko, Brian Nielsen

Dynamics NAV 2017, Application Improvements in Financials and Jobs

PowerPoint (4.93 MB)

Anveo Mobile App

PDF (3.02 MB)

Bo Schroeder

Shop Floor and Workforce Management

PowerPoint (33.48 MB)

Daryl Anderson

Our FutureDynamics 365 for Financials, Validating Your Extensions for AppSource

PowerPoint (3.69 MB)

Mark Stuyt

Cloud Best Practices Panel

PowerPoint (4.34 MB)

NAV Easy Security

PowerPoint (390.77 kB)

Nicolai Krarup, Evgeny Buriak

Global Mediator

PowerPoint (14.18 MB)

Robert Pope

UK Regional Session

PowerPoint (40.93 MB)

Eva Sachse, Social selling company

Make the customers come to you with social selling and LinkedIn

PDF (27.7 MB)

Vjekoslav Babić

Polymorphic Event Patterns for CAL

PowerPoint (2.49 MB)

Zech Andersen

Dynamics NAV 2017 in Office 365

PowerPoint (4.76 MB)